By: Mary Bier

Date: February 12, 2015

In our three-part series about how to get started with an email marketing strategy, we focus on specific tactics and ideas to make the most out of your company’s email efforts. Our initial post, about how to organize and prioritize basic email marketing strategies, shares tips on specific, effective methods to get started with an email marketing program.

Let’s take a look at another common issue and our suggested tactics to overcome it.

Common Issue #2:

“We don’t have time to send lots of customized, one-off emails, but still want to communicate with our consumers on a regular, meaningful basis.”


For many businesses, employees are pulled in many different directions and don’t have a ton of time to dedicate solely to email marketing. If this sounds familiar, there are ways to set up successful, automated email series that reduce the time required by you and increase the impressions and touch points you have with your customers.

Suggested Tactics:

Here are some common, tactical programs to consider when creating your email marketing strategy.

Welcome Email Series

If you’re looking to set up an automated email campaign, this is the single most important series to implement, as email is one of the only mediums in which a consumer has given you direct approval to correspond directly with them. This series of automated emails introduces new email recipients to your brand, your company, and your products in a meaningful, authentic way. (And, as a bonus to you — the brand — it will run automatically, which will free up your time to tackle other marketing needs.)

You have one chance to set the tone for your brand, share what email recipients can expect from your emails in the future, and give them a reason to stay on your list.

Make this touch point impactful, compelling, and strategic; put your best foot forward early on in the email relationship and win over your consumers from the very beginning.


Personalized Emails

Utilize customer data to create custom, life-based or retargeted emails. By automating this process, you’re able to free up your time to do more with less effort. Some specific examples include:

  • Birthday emails (and any special promotion or offer you are willing to extend to birthday recipients)
  • Anniversary emails (sent one year after a customer’s first purchase with you, or one year after they “join” or become a member)
  • Account activation emails (sent after a customer creates a new account online, and any special offer or incentive that may become available to them)
  • Interest-based emails (for customers who have self-selected their interests and preferences in your email preference center)
  • Abandoned shopping cart emails (for customers who have left items in their shopping cart without purchasing)

Abandoned Shopping Cart Email Example
Interest-Based Email Example

Gerber Camping Email

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