By: Mary Bier

Date: February 23, 2015

Our initial topic in this series, about how to organize and prioritize basic email marketing strategies, shares tips about formulating an email marketing plan. Our second topic, about not having time to dedicate to email marketing, focuses on specific tactics that are both time efficient and effective.

To close our three-part series about how to get started with an email marketing strategy, we’ll focus on some of the most basic — yet effective — ways to amp up your email efforts.

Common Issue #3:

“We don’t know much about HTML, but still want our emails to look great and be on-brand. How do we do that?”


Utilizing on-brand, styled email templates (assuming you use an email service provider) are an easy, effective way to make a big impact with your email audience. And, by using the email template option available in most email service providers (ESP), you don’t need to worry about HTML or coding to create beautiful, effective emails. Once your email template design is implemented in your ESP, all you’ll need to do is plug in your copy and assets for each email.  It’s that simple.

Suggested Tactics:

Once you’ve decided that you’d like to utilize an email template, here are some common, tactical ideas to consider as you get started.


Promotional Email Template

Begin by creating a promotional email template. This one-sized-fits-most template will account for a variety of content scenarios; this ensures that you’ll have options available to you when it comes time to create individual emails. Creating slight variations of this template (e.g. a postcard format) is an easy addition for quick announcements or single messages that you’d like to share with your audience.


Other Common Template Types

Depending on your business, you may have other emails that would benefit from using a different template, such as:

Transactional emails (for ecommerce businesses; this includes emails such as purchase confirmation, abandoned cart, shipping confirmation, etc.)


Product launch emails (useful if you want a different-looking email for special events like a product launch)

Gerber Camping Email

Email Preference Center

In addition to creating an on-brand email template, implementing an email preference center is a great way to garner more information about your customers that you can then use in future email initiatives. This landing page has quickly become a non-negotiable for most brands, as they are highly effective and straightforward to implement. Use this page to encourage consumers to tell you — the brand — what they care about and what they want to hear more about.

Once you begin collecting information from your audience and learning their preferences, you’ll be be able to send them customized content based on their preferences over time.

Gerber Email Preference Center

Need help getting started with a basic email template design? Or, want to learn more ways to engage with your audience through email? Drop us a line and we’ll be in touch.