By: Sarah Sandusky

Date: February 26, 2015


Tell us about your role at Subtext:

I’m the Digital Seamstress, aka Front-End Web Developer. I focus primarily on WordPress and email development.

Provide a brief overview of your background and experience:

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of San Diego. After college, I worked as a customer service rep for an online registration company in San Diego, then moved back to Portland/Vancouver, where I’m from. While working as a customer service rep for a digital agency and helping clients with website updates, I realized I found code really interesting. I took classes at Portland State, started working with simple templates and static websites and then moved into WordPress themes and more custom front-end development. I’ve been doing development for 7 years now.

How do you spend your spare time:

I love to read, so I’m in a couple of book clubs, I’m part of a ladies’ group at my church and I like to crochet. I run, but I’m not a crazy trainer anymore, so I enjoy recreational races, like the Shamrock Run and the Color Run. I play volleyball, hang out with my husband Mauricio, salsa dance and travel!


If you could have a plane ticket anywhere, where would you go and why?

My husband and I have been talking about going to Bora Bora, because it looks completely amazing… straw huts on stilts over clear blue water, just relaxing and doing nothing. I feel like so many trips involve figuring out what we can do while we’re there and I would love to go somewhere beautiful and just really do nothing.


What are you most proud of?

A couple of years ago I decided to move to Spain to master the language the best I could in one year. There was a little structure through the program I was part of, but I basically had to set up my life in the town of Cariño, alone, speaking Spanish. Being able to make friends, people I still keep in touch with, was wonderful and now Spanish is part of my everyday life. I don’t think I would be at the level I am with the language without having put myself out there so much.


Most important life lesson:

No matter how much you plan for things, you just can’t have control over it all. For me, it’s about having faith and knowing that whatever plan is in store for me will be an awesome one.

Vintage muscle car or shiny new sports car?

New sports car. I kind of have one!




Feature Five:

1. The Chalkboard


2. Pinterest


3. Comfy Belly


4. Creative Market


5. El Universo