By: Ivan McClellan

Date: October 3, 2014

HOOD RIVER & PORTLAND, OR — Subtext is proud to have partnered with The Fruit Company on the development and launch of the gift purveyors ecommerce platform.

The site was designed to be a simple, elegant, easy-to-use experience allowing users to express sentiment to the ones they care about most. It launched on September 24th to positive customer reviews. Upon launch, the client saw an immediate increase in revenue and found the site dramatically easier to maintain. We worked with the marketing department for five months on the concept and creation of the site, from high-level strategy to the finest details of UI and interactive design and development. Key user experience considerations include:

– Obvious and Efficient Structure: The app was designed to require minimal training and avoid unnecessary steps. The goal was to navigate the user into the cart in 4 steps.

– Human Expression: Connection not product is the emphasis of the site. We consistently show the result of gifting rather than the gifts to support the emotional need for users to show affection.

– Navigation: Considering The Fruit Company’s extensive product offering, a clear navigation structure was a major challenge for the project. We used Mega-nav to allow efficient movements between sections. The dropdown is also used for promotional space.

– Language: To further support the act of gifting we used a genuine and sincere tone of voice in copy. We carefully crafted content that was at once informative, warm, and humorous.


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