Ensuring that your website data is accurate and actionable should be the prerequisite for any digital program. Unfortunately, achieving both takes some additional deliberate steps. In this white paper, we outline the exact steps you need to take to free your data from falsehood and provide you with actionable data to transform your digital programs from muddled to ordered.

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The unfortunate truth to owning a Google Analytics account is that in order to get clean data, you have to work at it. While you’ve taken the right step in adding Google Analytics to your website, just remember it’s the first step. Many are unaware of the hidden shadows of Google Analytics and are reporting monthly metrics that include traffic from the likes of Russian Viagra companies or campaign testing from your co-worker down the hall. All of this activity can severely affect the integrity of your data.

In this white paper, we will peel back the hidden layers of Google Analytics to ensure that the data being returned is valid and actionable.