Equity Foundation

A Community for Social, Economic, and Political Equity

Equity Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit corporation and the only LGBTQ-based foundation in Oregon. They raise funds through memberships, donor advised funds, scholarship funds, endowment holdings and giving campaigns at varying businesses and entities around Oregon. The funds raised are used to grant money to organizations that support LBGT equity. Equity’s vision is to be the first choice for investment in positive social change for the LGBTQ community.

Connecting a Cohesive Community

It had been ten years since Equity Foundation’s last website redesign. Their old website did not accurately reflect the amount of impact the Foundation had within Oregon’s LGBT community, and they came to Subtext looking for help in creating a cohesive, modern hub for the greater LGBT community. It was important for them to have a user-friendly website that generated excitement for the staff, board members, and donors. The new website also needed to enable the community to easily sign up for membership, receive information about the Foundation, and get involved.

Focusing on Community for Maximum Impact

Subtext met with the Foundation’s internal stakeholders to identify their specific website goals and determine a global vision for their organization. It became clear that the common thread was “community”; this focus became a focal point throughout the project, and we chose to add a human element to the website by highlighting members within the Oregon LGBT community through photography.

To further stress the importance of community, we suggested creating a “Community Impact” section to showcase all of the projects funded by Equity Foundation, including what each project had done to further Equity’s LGBT message throughout Oregon.

Optimizing for Engagement

The website has become the centralized, online hub for LGBT equity rights in Oregon. By making it easier to update the website, the staff posts blog updates more frequently, thus fostering increased two-way communications within their community. Besides increased communication, the website has also helped drive increased memberships and website visitors stay on their site 30% longer than on their old site.

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