2014 Holiday Email Campaign Strategy

For the 2014 holiday season, Gerber was looking to increase blog traffic while creating deeper connections with its customer base without using product promotions or sales to drive traffic.

Subtext developed a unique email and blog strategy focused around the legacy of seasonal hunting and the bonds made with family and friends during these hunts.  


Project at a glance

  1. 01.Created an email and blog campaign for the holiday season

  2. 02.Promoted Gerber’s hunting product line without sales or specific product promotions

  3. 03.Focused content on the Legacy of hunting

  4. 04.Increased traffic to Gerber’s blog


  1. 250% increase in blog traffic
  2. 208,858 emails sent to Gerber’s consumer email segment
  3. December’s blog traffic accounted for 16% of the entire year’s unique pageviews

Get started with your project

Bring customers to the blog without a sale

Driving customers to a website can be as simple as creating an email, assigning it a subject line declaring an incredible sale on a top product and then watching the traffic and revenue pile up.

Gerber was looking for a different approach. The brand rarely discounts products or has sales, so driving traffic to their hunting blog via an email campaign required a completely different strategy and set of tactics.

The Legacy Of Gerber

To the non-hunter, there may appear to be nothing more to the hunting experience than trekking through the rainy woods, getting an animal and strapping it to the hood of the truck. In reality, hunting is about the memories and bonds created between family and friends. It’s about creating and providing a legacy that endures far beyond the hunt.

Hunting is about the memories and bonds created between family and friends. Subtext’s goal was to create an email campaign that triggered these warm memories.

Subtext approached the project with this idea in mind—capitalizing on the nostalgia and legacy of hunting and the hunting season’s close proximity to the holiday season.

The email campaign focused on the legacy of hunting, affirming the deep bonds that are formed on expeditions between family and friends, through the use of lifestyle imagery and content.

Connecting with audience through compelling content

Subtext created three emails and corresponding blog posts that spoke to the enduring themes of hunting expeditions: tradition, family, and legacy.

These themes resonated with Gerber’s customers who responded overwhelmingly to messages focused on hunting experiences and the legacies created while out hunting. With these three themes in place, Subtext provided email designs, email copy and blog post content designed to drive traffic and help complete the hunting story.

Testing and iteration for maximum effectiveness

Testing and iteration is key to the success of any digital project and this campaign was no different. Over the course of the holiday season, Subtext tested and iterated on design, content blocks, subject lines and copy to maximize the effectiveness of all the campaign’s emails.

Increasing blog traffic by 250%

The Holiday email campaign included 208,858 emails sent to Gerber’s consumer email segment, which earned 45,634 email impressions during a key purchasing time of the year (month of December) and helped increase blog traffic by 250% (from November to December 2014). December’s blog traffic accounted for 16% of the entire year’s unique pageviews — higher than any other month’s blog page views by 5%.