2015 Holiday Email Campaign Strategy

As with most retailers, the holiday season can be a big selling season for Gerber, and they put a large focus on email marketing strategy in driving traffic and sales through their ecommerce store.

To conserve on campaign costs and be mindful of a quick email send cadence, Gerber wanted to create unique, sales-focused holiday emails that utilized their existing promotional email template.


Project at a glance

  1. 01.Created a cost-effective email campaign strategy

  2. 02.Utilized existing promotional email template

  3. 03.Implemented robust testing to maximize results


  1. 95% increase in year-over-year holiday sales attributed to email campaign
  2. 1.5:1 ROI

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Create holiday sales momentum at minimal cost

Gerber needed a holiday email strategy and execution partner to help drive sales during their critical holiday season. Using their existing promotional email templates, updated content and ongoing testing, Subtext was able to provide Gerber with a cost-effective solution to creating a holiday email campaign strategy that improved sales and provided an incredible ROI.

Maximizing Results

Using Gerber’s existing promotional email template, Subtext created a campaign strategy and content schedule that easily worked within the template’s parameters and achieved optimal results.

Subtext created a master email brief that included all of the content, assets and links to use for each of email in the campaign. This repository of information made it easy to reference, update, and share content across multiple teams.

Subtext was able to provide Gerber with a cost-effective solution to creating a holiday email campaign that improved sales and provided an incredible ROI.

During the course of the holiday email campaign, Subtext conducted multiple email tests to further drive website traffic, product sales and brand awareness during a time of year when inbox fatigue is common (and expected).

Increasing Campaign ROI

Compared to sales data collected in Q4 of 2014, sales generated from the 2015 holiday email campaign increased by 95%. The emails cut through the holiday clutter, generated significant ROI, and boosted Gerber’s online sales during one of their peak online sales periods.
(asset: another email design or a graphic illustrating 95% increase)

Cutting Through The Clutter

To cut through the inbox clutter, Subtext tested subject lines and send times to optimize the email experience for Gerber’s audience. Subtext tested assets and calls to action to optimize the purchase experience from inbox to confirmation page and increase product sales. Emails sent as part of the holiday email campaign began in November and were sent through the end of December.