Gater Premium Product Launch

Gerber has created quality, reliable, and innovative products for over 70 years. As an American brand with global reach and relevance Gerber designs and engineers its products in Portland, OR, where many are produced. Its tools are carried extensively by hunters, soldiers, and tradesman.


Project at a glance

  1. 01.Email marketing campaign to drive new product awareness

  2. 02.Use email to increase brand engagement

  3. 03.Used iterative approach to test and refine campaign


  1. 4.5% increase in click-to-open rate
  2. Created reusable email templates

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Highlighting a Premier Product

To promote the launch of the new Gator Premium product line, Gerber asked Subtext to develop an email marketing campaign designed to increase product awareness, highlight the products’ features, and promote brand engagement.

Creating the Campaign

We started by working with Gerber to create a compelling email strategy that aligned with the product line’s launch and marketing dates. From there, we crafted a content schedule that could be implemented across email, Gerber’s blog, and other social channels.

This campaign included custom-designed emails that looked different than their existing promotional email template, intending to disrupt existing design expectations; this included animated GIFs, infographics and other “surprise and delight” features.

Keeping email best practices in mind, and Gerber’s key performance indicators for email, we built, tested, and implemented all emails related to the Gator Premium product launch. We also tested, measured, and iterated throughout the campaign; tests were done on subject lines, content, and calls to action copy.

Reviewing Campaign Effectiveness

Gerber’s total volume of emails sent in the second month of the campaign was twice as high as the volume of emails sent in the previous month. Emails sent as part of the Gator email campaign had an effective rate (also known as the click-to-open rate, clicks divided by opens) that was 4.5% higher than Gerber’s already high-performing emails.

Testing, as expected, proved to be an incredibly powerful and effective tool throughout this campaign. By using quick and easy tests, we were able to increase open rates and click through rates, which impacted campaign sales, brand engagement and product awareness.

Engaging their audience through product giveaways was another effective way to generate excitement around the product and engage customers socially.