Rebrand And Website Redesign

Janrain pioneered the idea of the social login and using that data to help marketers create personal, tailored content for customers. As their business and platform grew however, Janrain lacked a website that helped clearly articulate their value proposition or demonstrated their thought leadership position.

To that end, Subtext created a new, responsive and easy to use website and refined brand that reflected the social nature of their company. The redesigned website is approachable and honest, allowing customers to quickly visualize the power of Janrain’s platform and how the customer’s brand could benefit from Janrain’s service offerings.


Project at a glance

  1. 01.Executed in-depth competitive analysis to aid in creating brand differentiation in style, substance and content

  2. 02.Developed a brand style guide to refresh brand assets and refine their look and feel

  3. 03.Redesigned website to improve navigation, user experience and showcase thought leadership position


  1. Responsive ecommerce website
  2. Improved navigational structure
  3. Created and implemented new branding

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Telling the right brand story

Janrain needed help creating a website that accurately represented their brand. Their old website didn’t look or act very social, and the dark color palette was creating the wrong impression to customers. In addition, the content didn’t tell a clear message about the value of their platform, and the site’s structure, content strategy and navigation reflected this.

Subtext was brought in to help revamp their old branding and refresh their website to create an honest, customer-friendly user experience.

Defining a new messaging strategy to meaningfully connect with customers

Janrain wanted their website to do a stronger job at educating their audience on why its platform is valuable for a business, but recognized they needed outside help in clarifying this message.

The Subtext team facilitated this process by starting with an extensive strategy phase, where the team participated in multiple workshop sessions and customer interviews to uncover the key value propositions that resonated with their audience. Subtext guided the marketing team in rewriting these messaging statements that demonstrated the value that Janrain’s products add to their clients’ marketing strategies. This strategy laid the framework for the website content strategy, as well as set the direction in which brand and visual language were built upon for the new website design.

Creating a social brand

One of the challenges Janrain saw was that their current brand did not reflect the social nature of the business they were in. The current dark and content heavy website felt more to the likes of a financial website than a social marketing platform.

Subtext explored a few different concepts, and ultimately landed on a new set of brand guidelines to give Janrain an approachable and honest look. The result was a bright color palette, illustrations to explain complex concepts, and photography to make a human connection with customers’ social behavior.

A competitive approach to redesigning site architecture

The current website architecture had many layers and was difficult to navigate. To help Janrain better articulate their brand and value proposition and to understand their competitive landscape, Subtext investigated the content and architecture of Janrain’s competition. It became apparent that most of the competition’s websites were doing a poor job of providing a good customer experience. Their websites were nothing more than veiled marketing megaphones that did little to provide useful information to potential customers.

Using these findings, Subtext designed a new website focused on the customer experience, aligning content strategy and navigational structure around the key audience personas developed in the strategy phase. This experience was designed to be helpful and intuitive, making complex service offerings easier to understand and firmly position Janrain as the innovative social profile data collection experts.