Mountain Hardwear

Website Redesign

Mountain Hardwear was founded in 1993 by a small band of outdoor industry iconoclasts who saw a changing industry and decided to buck this trend while staying true to the needs of outdoor athletes.

Over the last 20 years the company has developed some of the most innovative products for weekend warriors and hardcore outdoor enthusiasts alike, combining cutting edge materials technology with unconventional design solutions.

Mountain Hardwear

Project at a glance

  1. 01.Used prototyping and customer testing to determine optimal UX

  2. 02.Incorporated new brand look and feel into a new customer-centric ecommerce website

  3. 03.Streamlined path-to-purchase to maximize conversion and revenue


  1. Customer-centric ecommerce website
  2. Streamline product detail pages
  3. Adaptive-grid ecommerce website

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You Don’t Have to Move Mountains to Engage Users

In 2011, Mountain Hardwear was finalizing a new brand platform. The first iteration of this new brand direction was rolling out an updated website. Mountain Hardwear approached Subtext to take on the challenge of putting brand first on their ecommerce website while not sacrificing the shopping experience.

Exploring Uncharted Territory: Prototype, Test, Evolve

Subtext created a live prototype to allow both Subtext and Mountain Hardwear’s internal teams and consumer focus groups to test a highly branded shopping experience. We were able to present new brand messaging in an evocative way, while retaining the important elements of a traditional online shopping experience. From the prototype testing, a very customer-centric shopping experience evolved.

Navigation and wayfinding was stripped down to simplify navigation while bringing the brand forward. Product category and detail pages were designed to maximize conversion and present the brand in a fresh way.

Brand + Ecommerce: Reaching the Summit

With Subtext’s help, Mountain Hardwear seamlessly rolled out their new brand to customers, while maintaining their e-commerce traffic.

The new website was built on an adaptive grid to work with most screen sizes and platforms. Storytelling was woven throughout the site to help shoppers better connect with the products and brand.

The shopping experience was streamlined by keeping product detail pages free from clutter, and displaying only the necessary shopping controls on each page.

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