Nau Clothing

Email Optimization & Strategy

Nau Sportswear believes that style, performance, and sustainability can work together; they design all of their products with minimal impact and maximum functionality. Nau needed an email campaign that communicated their values and met the needs of the business, and their existing system wasn’t cutting it.

Nau Clothing

Project at a glance

  1. 01.Create an email content strategy and design for the Nau brand

  2. 02.Emphasize the brand photography and style in the email design

  3. 03.Make the email template easy to use by brand managers


  1. Reduced time needed to create and send targeted emails to customers
  2. Responsive email design
  3. Easily reproduced email template

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Email Strategy And Design

Subtext partnered with Nau to help create a strategy and an email design. We delivered a streamlined and mobile-optimized email template design. This template was flexible and easy for Nau to use, allowing them to reuse for future emails.

Create A Flexible Email Strategy To Empower Nau

Subtext worked with Nau to create an effective email content strategy. We redesigned their email template utilizing the brand’s beautiful product imagery, fonts, and promotional elements, and we built flexible content block modules for use in promotional, informational, and aspirational email formats. Finally, we created an email style guide and trained the Nau team on how to use the new template within their email service provider (ESP), empowering them to easily and independently create future branded emails.

Responsive Email Template

Creating a modern, responsive email template design to accommodate Nau’s growing list of email needs was vital for their business. Designing and building a sleek, intuitive email template that utilized their ESP’s email template options enabled Nau to spend more time focusing on their brand and sales, instead of email development and testing.