Nautilus Connect

Connecting Users with their Fitness Data

Nautilus, Bowflex, Schwinn, and Universal (NLS, NYSE) have been in the fitness business for over 40 years.  They consistently deliver unique home fitness solutions designed to meet the needs of any fitness level. By offering their products through both retail and direct sales channels, they’ve positioned themselves as one of the most popular and accessible fitness experts in the marketplace.

Connecting Users with their Fitness Metrics

Subtext and Nautilus originally collaborated on the Schwinn brand to create an engaging website experience that would “Connect” users with their fitness metrics from machine, to website, and push data through to MyFitnessPal.  The initial Schwinn Connect targeted aspirational fitness users, with the core functionality of passing data through to MyFitnessPal via a Subtext built API. After launching the Connect project with Schwinn, Subtext was engaged to provide similar services for the Bowflex, and core Nautilus brands. Each iteration of the “Connect” platform added unique pieces of functionality based on user needs.

Bridging the User Data Gap

From the site’s inception, Subtext spent a lot of time helping Nautilus decide what the long term goals of the “Connect” project were. Simply using a website to pass data through to another vendor was a worthy goal, but we felt building the skeleton framework of a much larger ecosystem would be better suited to their business. Subtext created a shared database system, built as a Heart that would allow information to flow fluidly between Fitness Machine and Website. This ecosystem also allows Nautilus to track user information across the universe and better understand how users interact with their data.

Building a Scalable Platform

Subtext created a scalable and future-proof platform for users of Nautilus, Bowflex, and Schwinn workout equipment to connect with their workout data. By starting with Schwinn, yet building a development database that scaled for all the brands, Subtext is able to efficiently build dashboards for any new equipment, or brand, and utilize the database built at the beginning of the project.  Additionally, the API that was built by Subtext creates an ecosystem for any web/app developers to utilize to help further the reach of the Nautilus brand.

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