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For nearly 70 years, Outrigger Hotels and Resorts has developed and managed full-service hotels, condominium resorts, vacation ownership (timeshare) resorts and resort retail complexes around the world. Outrigger Hotels and Resorts continues to think and expand globally through sustainable practices, a deep respect for local culture, and thoughtful innovations rooted in hospitality.

Outrigger Hotels and Resorts

Project at a glance

  1. 01.An email audit to fully understand issues and maximize budget savings

  2. 02.Developed email content strategy

  3. 03.Created new welcome email, opt-out landing page, abandoned cart email series, and opt-in landing page and emails

  4. 04.Performed ongoing optimization and monitoring of email program performance


  1. 7% decrease in overall website bounce rate, 19% decrease on the homepage
  2. 9% increase time on webpage
  3. 4% decrease in website exits

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Improving Ongoing Campaign Metrics

Outrigger requested that Subtext conduct an audit of several key email programs and landing pages. After reviewing our recommendations within the audit, Outrigger chose to address issues in the existing Welcome Email Series, Abandoned Shopping Cart Email Series, and the Opt-in Landing Page (where email recipients subscribe and select email preferences). Subtext was tasked with optimizing the open and click-through rates and reducing the unsubscribe rate.

Mapping Content to Creative

Our approach to this project was five-fold. After we performed a thorough email audit of their existing campaigns, we created a content strategy, an unsubscribe landing page, new abandon cart emails, and an updated opt-in landing page. Each of these deliverables were designed to maximize conversion while minimizing unsubscribes.

Mapping content to objectives

We began by creating a content strategy that mapped back to the primary business objectives and marketing goals for the project. Our approach was to use clear messaging with explicit value propositions, strong calls-to-action, compelling imagery, and dynamic content where possible to engage users and convert visitors to customers.

Welcome series update

At a high level, we updated the color scheme and general look and feel of the creative to more accurately reflect the updated Outrigger website. In the Welcome Email Series, email #1 is sent within the first hour of someone signing up for the email list, email #2 is sent three days after signup, and email #3 is sent seven days after signup. Here we simplified the copy, wrote more compelling subject lines, and updated the imagery to better match the content. We made minor adjustments to emails #1 and #2, and fully redesigned email #3.

Opting down instead of out

For the landing page, we worked to combat the unsubscribe rate by adding the option to select a desired send frequency (known as an “opt-down” option). And we created a new email design concept that focused on the emotional appeal of traveling to paradise, communicating a “You Could Be Here” feeling through the emails and landing page, enticing visitors to take action.

Optimizing the abandon cart email

The original Abandoned Shopping Cart email consisted of a single email; it was one of the most effective and highest-performing emails sent by Outrigger. Our recommendation, and the recommendation of another Outrigger partner, was to scale this interaction and performance to drive more conversions. We added a second Abandoned Shopping Cart email to add to the sense of urgency, compelling guests to take action and make a booking. The additional email utilized a completely new design while leveraging the same offer used in other promotional emails and minimal copy that complemented the creative. The first Abandoned Shopping Cart email is sent one day after guests abandon their cart, the second Abandoned Shopping Cart email is sent two days later.

Opt-in with a new look

The updated opt-in landing page utilizes compelling imagery with updated copy and includes the option for guests to select their desired email send frequency (opt-down). We also created a simplified landing page with minimal sign up fields, to encourage email sign ups.

Monitoring & Optimizing for Improved Results

With the newly updated email series and landing page in place, we monitor stats on an ongoing basis to ensure optimal performance and, if necessary, engage in optimization testing as a next step to increase open rates and click-through rates and decrease unsubscribe rates. Thanks to the template documentation, Outrigger’s internal team can easily and quickly create promotional emails, allowing the global digital team to spend more time creating the materials and less time on administrative coordination.

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