Multilingual Campaign Landing Pages

Wacom products set the standard for digital drawing tools. As a business, Wacom is passionate about creativity. Its products and services bridge the gap from concept to reality and they empower digital artists to challenge themselves creatively.


Project at a glance

  1. 01.Design and development of multi-language landing pages

  2. 02.Designs included highly intuitive design and functionality

  3. 03.Followed iterative approach to allow for use in additional languages


  1. Targeted, regional language websites
  2. Flexible and repeatable designs

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Wacom’s Versatility

Wacom came to Subtext for help in concepting, designing and developing regional landing pages to coincide with the Intuos product launch, known as the “Create More” campaign. The pages were created as a way to provide a “sneak peak” of the products to prospective customers in addition to promoting sales and capturing leads for future communications

Reinforcing Sleek, Intuitive Design

Subtext assisted with the design of the campaign landing page and content strategy, creating a unique, effective user experience. By wireframing the landing page, creating design comps to match, building the page using HTML, and then implementing the completed page, Subtext reinforced what Wacom customers have come to expect: highly intuitive design and engaging functionality. We used an iterative approach to create additional sites to house content based on location and language, helping Wacom expand the product launch around the globe.

Creating a Language-Focused, Positive User Experience

With this new suite of regionally-focused sites, Wacom delivered a better user experience to their customers by serving up location-specific languages and content. Doing so allowed them to showcase their unique tools and tips from professional artists who use Wacom products, and helped them to grow their subscriber list by capturing the emails and names of prospective customers in the process.